Powr Flite C1600-3 Classic Metal Electric Burnisher Review

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Powr-Flite C1600-3 is a very powerful metal burnisher for all types of floor finishes. It can rotate 1600rpm speed and polish your home floor efficiently and quickly. Because of its high-speed floor buffing ability, it can burnishing large floor areas very quickly.

So, itis a great for people who looking to buy high-speed floor burnisher. Especially, Powr-Flite C1600-3 is a perfect floor polishing machine for the hospitals, indoor playgrounds, offices, schools, and many other large floor area places.


Design and constructed material

When talking about the design of this high-speed floor burnisher, It has a very nice shape. Its weight only 101 lbs. So, It can be quickly lifted from any obstacles. Also, It comes with full surround non-marking bumpers to prevent damage to walls and furniture.

Also, we were impressed with its all chrome 1.5-inch tube handle and all-metal housing. Grip is excellent and durable. So, It is effortless to operate.  Also, all-metal housing provides long-lasting durability. It is a very technologically advance floor polishing machine.

1600 rpm Speed motor

This high speed floor burnisher includes mighty 1.5 hp motor to rotate its polishing pad in lighting speed. So, users can drive this floor polishing machine smoothly and very quickly. Its cleaning productivit
y is 23,500 ft²/hr. Now you have a proper idea about your home floor polishing time.

20 inch flexible pad driver

Every floor surface is damaged when it gets old. So, old floor surfaces are not even most of the time. That is why we need the floor buffer like powr flite floor machine.

Some floor buffers are not supported for uneven floors. But not like other floor buffers, Powr-Flite C1600-3 provides the full pad to floor contact polishing. So, it can deliver high-quality floor care even on uneven floor surfaces. It is a promising the feature that we expect from excellent floor polisher.


Safe and easy to operate

This electric burnisher is one of the easiest floor polishers to operate. It has two front wheels for easy handling during operation. Also, It has a dual lever ON/OFF safety switch for left or right-hand operation.  Furthermore, its thumb-activated safety interlock switch prevents accidentals startups.

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Power cord

Power code length is significant when buying a floor buffer or burnisher. You must check the range of the power code coming with it.

Because, If not, you have to buy separate power code for polishing large floor area. Powr-Flite C1600-3 comes with the 75 ft. Power code. It is enough for most of the floor polishing activities in the home.

Power Supply

It supports for 110V rated voltage. You can simply connect it to 15A socket and work.


  • 10 years for housing
  • 2 years for motor
  • 1 year for parts and workmanship


  • Perfect for all types of floor surfaces (Tile, marble, granite, wood …etc.)
  • Powerful floor polishing machine
  • High speed floor polisher (Quick time)
  • Advance safety features
  • Full pad to floor contact operation
  • Floor surfaces do not damage during operation
  • All chrome handle and all metal housing provide high durability
  • Comes with long power code
  • All the Powr-Flite C1600-3 tested and assembled by skilled American professionals


  • Support only 110V power supply
  • Heavy floor polisher for old age people
  • High price tag


In summary, the Powr-Flite C1600-3 can handle most of the tasks you throw at it, and is a highly rated and versatile floor burnisher. Well-made and easy to use, most real buyers of this product are extremely pleased with their purchase and would recommend this floor burnisher to others.

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