Koblenz B 1500 P High Speed Floor Burnisher Review

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Koblenz B 1500 P is an excellent high-speed floor burnisher for sale. It is a perfect floor buffer machine for both domestic and industrial applications.

Koblenz is one of the top brand names in-floor cleaning machines industry. 

They have been developed high-quality floor care machines for over forty years. Koblenz B 1500 P floor burnisher is one of their best-rated products recently developed.

This industrial floor burnisher has a great solid design. It made of high quality and durable materials. So, this high-speed floor burnisher has a longer life than other similar floor burnishers.

Koblenz B 1500 P High Speed Floor Burnisher

For what purpose, can we use it?

The high-speed floor burnishers are perfect for cleaning large floor areas such as hospitals, schools, offices, indoor playgrounds…etc. So, Koblenz B 1500 P floor burnisher is ideal for buffing all types of hard floors such as marble, tile, granite..,etc.

Is Koblenz B 1500 P easy to operate?

Yes absolutely, Koblenz B 1500 P floor polisher is very easy to operate. It can be operated both left and right-hand side. Its weight only 102 pounds. So, it can be easily moved from one location to another.

This lightweight floor burnisher provides full pad contact and ultra-smooth and balanced operation.

Its four non-marking wheels help to climb stairs quickly. Also, its operation almost troubles-free due to the dual permanently lubricated front bearings.

Koblenz B 1500 P comes with the 50-foot power code. So, you can cover up the large area without changing the wall socket.

What are the other important features?

Koblenz B 1500 P has a special fixed handle design for easy storage and operation. Also, it has better power-saving ability because of the high efficient twin capacitor AC motor.

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Koblenz B1500P high-Speed Burnisher has high durable all-steel construction, dual insulated triggers with safety lock-out, circuit breaker protection and permanently lubricated dual front bearings for years of trouble-free operation.

So, this high speed floor buffer is so unique compare with similar models.

What are the specifications?

  • Size: 35 x 20 x 48 inches
  • Weight: 102 pounds
  • Motor: 1.5HP / 1500 RPM
  • 13 inch chrome handle
  • Cleaning path: 20 inch
  • Rated power: 110V

Pros & Cons


  • Popular brand name
  • Great for buffing large areas
  • High speed (1500 rpm) and quick operation
  • All metal construction
  • Nonmarking wheels
  • Nonmarking bumper guard
  • High durable chrome handle
  • Safety switch with locking mechanism


  • High price tag

Final Thoughts

This burnishing machine is great for the commercial floor polishing works. It is a powerful and highly durable floor buffer. We strongly recomended this floor machine.

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