Elicto ES530 Electronic Dual Spin Mop and Polisher [2021 Update]

Elicto ES530 Electronic Dual Spin Mop and Polisher

The Elicto ES530 dual spin mop is an all-in-one strong house cleaner that lowers cleaning time and effort. It’s a versatile mop that does everything from mopping to polishing to scrubbing with just one touch of a button. It cleans the entire area, including kitchen and bathroom floors, carpets, and delicate surfaces, leaving them pristine … Read more

Bissell Spinwave Cordless Hard Floor Mop Review

Bissell Spinwave Cordless Hard Floor Mop Review

The cordless electric mops are the easiest way of mopping your home floor. If you use a cordless electric mop, you don’t need to worry about the length of the power code anymore. You are free to work anywhere as you wish. Today, I am going to introduce you one of the best cordless electric … Read more

Top 10 Best Hard Floor Cleaner Machine 2021

Best Hard Floor Cleaner Machines

Floor cleaning is never easy from a traditional mop and basket. That is why you need to use a hard floor cleaner machine. It allows you to do cleaning your hard floor conveniently and effectively. These floor cleaning machines keep your hard floor looking pristine and polished. Most of the latest hard floor cleaners are … Read more

Elicto ES-200 Electronic Spin Mop and Polisher Review

Elicto ES-200 professional electrical mop is designed and engineered to make cleaning a breeze in less amount of time. Unlike regular mops that requires pressure and strain your hand, arms and back. You can Simply press the on button and glide back and forth for a brilliantly clean floor. Kt can clean or mop your … Read more