How To Use Floor Buffer Correctly

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Floor buffer is a device that shape and size like a vacuum cleaner. It use to clean and shine non carpet floors such as wooden, marble, tile. There are two types of floor buffers. Those are Industrial Floor Buffers and domestic Floor Buffers.

Industrial Floor Buffers are also called high speed floor buffers. Mainly, Industrial floor buffers use to clean and polish large floor areas such as schools, hospitals, offices…etc. Because, Industrial floor Buffers are quick and effective than domestic floor buffers. Normally, Industrial Floor buffers has ability to rotate their polishing pad up to 2000 rpm. So, Industrial floor buffers can clean and polish the floors accurately. However, Specially, Industrial floor buffers are little bit difficult to use because of the weight and high speed rotation.

Step 1: Clear and Clean your floor space

Clearing the floor space is very important step before start the the floor buffing. Unless, It will be difficult to buffing the floor with other equipment such as tables, chairs, desk, cupboard..etc. on the floor. Also, Cleaning the floor from broom is very essential part. Because, It will prevent the damage your floor buffer from small small plastic or iron pieces.

Step 2: Check your Floor Buffer and Polishing Pad

Before Start the floor buffing you need to check the floor buffer machine one last time. Also, Specially you need to check about the polishing pad condition. If you see polishing pad used or dirty, You must replace the polishing pad. Unless, Dirty and damaged polishing pad will be damage your floor.

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Step 3: Apply Buffing Solution to Floor and Polishing Pad

You can add polishing cream to floor directly. I think, It is the best method than apply polishing cream to pad. Then turn on the floor buffer and start the work slowly. Most modern floor buffers gave this speed control settings. During the floor buffing period, I recommended to check the polishing pad three or four times. Because, Damaged polishing pad will damage your floor also.




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