How To Choose Best Floor Buffer – Buyer’s Guide

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Mainly, There are three types of floor machines. Those are standard speed floor machines (150 to 175 RPM),  high speed floor machines (200 to 400 RPM) and high speed burnishers (1,000 to 2500 RPM).  People are using these floor machines mainly as commercial and domestic purposes. Normally, Commercial floor buffers are using for very large space areas. Domestic floor buffers use for home or small floor areas.

1: Size of Floor Area

There are various size of floor buffers with various capacities. Prices change with the capacities and their capabilities.  So, Your floor area is very important factor that you must consider before get decision. Normally, You can buy best domestic floor buffer around $300. But, Industrial floor buffer prices little bit higher than domestic floor buffers. So, First thing is analyze your floor care plan and identify suitable model.

Tip : Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Orbiter Floor Machine is one of the best domestic floor buffer.

2: Type of the Floor

Floor type (Hardwood, Tile, Marble, or concrete) is another thing that you need to consider when selecting floor buffer or floor burnisher. If you want to focus only your home floor you can buy identical floor buffer. But, If you plan to work with various types of floors, You can select multipurpose floor buffer machine.

3: Size Of the Polishing Pad

Size of the polishing pad is very important because of the productivity. If you can choose 20 inch floor buffer, You can finish your work quickly than 13 inch floor buffer. Also, If you choose 13 inch floor buffer machine, you can polish small floors much easier than 20 inch floor buffer. There are various types of floor buffer sizes such as 13 inch, 17 inch, 20 inch..etc. But, 20 inch floor buffers are most popular than other sizes.

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4: Motor Capacity

When buying floor buffer or floor machine you need to care about motor capacity. If you can buy high power floor buffer, It is always better. Normally, You can find 1HP to 2HP range of floor buffers. I HP floor buffer is good for normal cleaning purpose. 1.5 HP Floor buffer good for cleaning & stripping floors. 2 HP floor buffer great for any cleaning purposes and any types of floors.  That is mean 2HP floor buffers great for any hardwood floors and carpet floors.

5: Speed

Normally, 175 RPM is the very common speed floor buffers. Those floor buffers consider as low speed floor  buffers. Generally, Those machines have no any speed control option. Low speed floor buffers comes with three size of polishing pad such as 13 inch, 17 inch and 20 inch.

If you want buy speed control floor machine, Dual Speed Floor Buffer is the best option. Dual Speed Floor Buffers have 175RPM -300RPM speed control action. For normal cleaning purpose, 175 RPM is enough. But, polishing purpose you can go with 300 RPM. Generally, Dual Speed floor buffers comes with 20 inch polishing pad.

Other Option is high speed floor burnisher. Normally, Floor Burnishers comes with over 1000 RPM motors. Speed range is 1000RPM – 2500RPM. Most common floor burnisher speed is 1500 RPM. Those are capable for any work. But, If you have very hard floor, Best option is


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  1. I found it helpful when you said that you must analyze your floor care plan and find a suitable model. As you said, floor buffers come in various sizes and with various capacities. My mother is planning to shop for a floor polisher. She mentioned that it is for her to find it easier to polish the flooring of her house and to save time as well. She is always out of her house to attend yoga training, and it is important for her to keep the flooring of her house polished and clean at all times. I will share this with her.


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