Bissell BigGreen BG10 Commercial Deep Carpet Cleaning Machine Review

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Hey guys!  Are you looking for best commercial carpet cleaning machine for carpet shampooer, carpet deep cleaning, and floor scrubbing. Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10 is monster machine to do these all jobs in single hand.

It is a big, sturdy and high efficient deep carpet cleaner.

Bissell BigGreen BG10 is great for the deep carpet cleaning purpose. It can do your carpet cleaning job quickly and efficiently. This great commercial carpet cleaner suitable for cleaning any types of carpets.

Recommended surface type: Carpet, upholstery, auto, stairs

What are the key design features?

Its design is really nice and solid. Adjustable handle gives easy handling to users. All the machine parts made by high quality materials. There are two large water tanks include in this Bissell carpet cleaner to collect dirt water and store clean water.

There are two large wheels backside of the BG10 extractor for easy to move forward and backward. Also, Bissell BigGreen BG10 provides 10 inch cleaning path. This is perfectly matched for the most of the cleaning applications.

There are two separate motors include in this carpet cleaner for forward and backward operation.

What is the rated voltage of Bissell BigGreen BG10?

BG10 can be used in the households of the United States without a problem. Because, it’s rated voltage is 120V.

Why are we recommended BigGreen BG10?

There is lot of great advantages of this carpet cleaning machine. Here are some key benefits of the BigGreen BG10 extractor.

  • This is not like other deep carpet cleaners. It provides forward and backward deep cleaning function. This way of cleaning can remove deeply grounded dirt very easily. Also, it is very easier to do the job.
  • Bissell BigGreen BG10 includes two separate water tanks to store clean water and collect dirt water during the job. This is very good for preventing mixing dirty water with clean water. Also, this way helps to keep the freshness of the deep cleaning. This is a great step to increase home hygiene.
  • It has a commercial size water tank capacity around 1.75 gal. This is large enough to clean your entire room without refilling water. Also, its water tanks are easy removable. So, users can work with this commercial-grade deep carpet cleaner without headache.
  • The BigGreen BG10 is the powerful carpet cleaner. It has two motors and dirt lifter power brush to clean more efficiently. Also, Its powerful edge-to-edge suction provides a great advantage for your cleaning job.
  • It is very easy to work with BG10. Its adjustable handle and backside wheels give more freedom to users handle this powerful deep carpet cleaner very easily.
  • Some of the carpet cleaning machines need to assemble before use it. That is mean; you need some technical knowledge to do it.  But, BG10 doesn’t require assembly. You can work immediately after unpacking the machine. This is great for beginners or people who lack of technical knowledge.
  • Other great point is extension cord. BigGreen BG10 comes with 25 feet extension cord. So, you can cover large area without changing the power adapter. So, it minimizes the risk of electricity. As well as. Lengthy extension cord provides easy operation to users.

What are the negative points of this BG10 extractor?

Yep, any better machines have some negative points. It is same to Bissell BigGreen BG10 also. Now let’s we find out those.

  • BG10 extractor is little heavy machine. Its weight around 42 pounds. So, some elder persons can be face difficulties when lifting the machine.
  • BigGreen BG10 designed for carpet cleaning purpose. It is not recommended to clean hard floors like tile, wood..etc. So, It is not safe use in hard floors.
  • It is recommended to use hot water for this machine for best result. But, It has not internal heaters to heat the water. So, we have to fill heated water separately to it. I think it is some negative point in this carpet cleaner.
  • This carpet cleaner does not come with any extra attachment. So, If you need to clean furniture like sofa, you have to buy hose with upholstery separately.


  • Water Lift: 103”
  • Tank capacity: 1.75 gallon
  • Power rating: 12 amps
  • Power source: Corded 16 Gauge OSHA Pigtail Cord
  • Power cord length: 25 ft.
  • V rated flame retardant plastics: Yes
  • Brush: 2 Rows Rotating
  • Heater: No
  • Carry handle: Yes (Multiple)
  • Warranty: Limited 1 year commercial warranty
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Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10 is one of the best carpet cleaning machines right now in the market. Absolutely, No doubt about the capabilities of the BG10. If you are looking to buy a perfect commercial carpet cleaning machine, this is one of the number one choices you have.

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